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Iraq Solidarity supports creation of Yezidi genocide museum

I would like to applaud Iraq’s Yezidi’s, for their plans to establish a museum in Iraq, that documents the crimes of ISIS. 
The Islamic State in Iraq, was made up of Jihadists from around the world and included a known 800 people, from across the UK. 
The first organisation, to begin documenting the crimes of ISIS, was the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in 2014 - alongside the Iraqi and Kurdish authorities. 
As Vian Dakhil, Member of Parliament in Iraq, stated at the USHMM: “This is not just terrorism. This is genocide.” The US based Museum also stated, “along with (persecuting) Yazidis and Christians, ISIS has also targeted Shiite Muslims, Shabaks, and Turkmen." The Museum also called upon the international community to "protect” them from ISIS “genocide”. 
Within Great Britain, the only organisation to include actions of “genocide” in Iraq, within a UK based educational setting, are the Anne Frank Trust UK; which includes Iraq in the exhibition Anne Frank +You, that tours B…

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