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  • July 05, 2018
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On Friday 29th June, the AMAR Foundation held it's annual gala dinner at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London. In a crowded room, supporters from around the world gathered in the UK capital - in support of the AMAR Foundation's efforts in health and education. 

Baroness Emma Nicholson - chairperson of AMAR - gave a powerful speech, where she reminded guests how support for AMAR's work in Iraq; has provided specialist trauma care to 35.000 Iraqi Yazidi's and education to over five million Iraqi people. 

Lord Mark Price paid tribute to the work of Baroness Nicholson - who launched AMAR 25 years ago - and praised the efforts of AMAR supporters across the UK, the USA and Iraq. As Lord Price highlighted; over 10 million Iraqi's have benefited from AMAR's health services. 

In cities across the United Kingdom, supporters of the AMAR Foundation have been working tirelessly to build support for the Iraqi people. In Manchester, the AMAR foundation has taken part on the 2017 and 2018 Great Manchester 10K runs. Plans are now being made to run again in 2019. 

The AMAR Foundation has also gained new support from businesses within Manchester, where the Egoiste Gallery is now a permanent home to AMAR literature - which is given out to members of the public - while support has increased for AMAR's medical services, from workers in the National Health Service. 

To learn more about the AMAR Foundation, please check out - where you can make a secure donation online.


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