Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Michael Gove and Britain’s Little Matchstick Girls

Interesting to read that Michael Gove is giving consideration to pulling the UK out of the EU’s Working Time Directive, which could see millions lose paid holiday’s and be expected to work longer hours. 

Most greatly affected will be those who work with the elderly and disabled. Those employed on “flexible” Zero Hour contracts with care agencies, are already heavily subsidised with state benefits like Tax Credits and Statutory Sick Pay, as the provision of care, is often paid by the minute and excludes travelling time. 

Whilst the Independent describes this proposal as a “Thatcherite theme park” it was Thatcher herself, who in 1991 addressed the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and stated, the “most successful companies are those which please the customer and do well by their employees.” 

As Britain is a country with an ageing population, to remove the basic rights to a holiday, will force caring and committed people further away from such services as care work. The homes of the elderly in Britain, would resemble a scene from a Christmas Carol and care workers themselves, would become this century’s Little Matchstick Girls.



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