Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Proposed changes in Iraqi law sparks global outrage

Across Iraq and around the world, protests and images on social media are appearing, in opposition to the Iraqi Parliaments plan to introduce changes in the law, which would make it legal for adult males to marry 9 year old females. 

18 is the official marriage age and as campaigners have stated, at 9 years old, “a child hasn’t lived her childhood, and she won’t get a chance to live her youth, because the law will impose upon her a life she knows nothing about.” 

If such changes are made by the Parliament of Iraq, it will mean that under the law, Paedophilia will be legalised and will allow an adult or older adolescent, to carry out their sexual attractions on prepubescent children. 

Children affected by rape, can often suffer from depression, anxiety and the fear of being alone. They can withdraw from friends and family, have trouble sleeping and are often unable to concentrate in school, or participate in everyday activities. 

The experience of minors being raped, can also lead to suicidal behaviour as early as adolescence, self harming and often leaves people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in later life. There is more information on child sexual abuse, over on the website of the NSPCC

This information provides statistics on cases across the UK and can help strengthen the political argument for child welfare in our world.


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