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  • April 29, 2016
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Holocaust denialism is often viewed as just being the act of denying the genocide of Jews during World War Two, or revisionism as underestimating the numbers of those who died in the NAZI concentration camps. 

What makes Holocaust Denialism a cancer, is the fact those in denial, are trying to refute something evidentially horrendous, while equally denying the experiences of those who died, survived, resisted and liberated. 

Denialism is relinquishing responsibility, “moving on from history” and refusing to take account for the political monster. Others think Hitler as an individual, was solely responsible for the Holocaust, which through personal default or tragedy, was able to warp the minds of millions into blindly carrying out mass extermination. 

From boycotting Jewish shops, Kristallnacht and night of the long knives. The opening of ghetto’s, euthanasing the disabled and the subjugation of occupied people. Each of these are documented examples, in the political and legal build up to what became the Holocaust. 

Many who deny the Holocaust, have a basic inability to look at detail, when evidence surrounding the events in any concentration camp, from the NAZI’s own records, provide some of the answers to the industrial genocide process. 

When people arrived at a concentration camp, they were first sorted in two lines. Separated between those productive and able to work, or those who were sent to die at the point of a finger. Zyklon B was used because it was an efficient form in the process of mass extermination, in comparison to mass shooting. 

The Final Solution was not formulated by one person but was a direct policy of a ruling group over occupied Europe. Where sitting around a conference table at Wannsee, the National Socialist political leadership sought to resolve, what they believed, were their political, social and economic “problems”.


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