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  • February 25, 2016
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150 years ago a secret visit to Manchester and the North West by Godai Tomoatsu, student and agent of the Prince of Satsuma, from the south of the Japan, inspired and ignited the Japanese Industrial Revolution - creating Japan's first 'economic miracle'. 

Godai's visits to mills, mines and merchants from the pioneering Manchester Chamber of Commerce to the silk manufacturers of Macclesfield, from Platt Brothers of Werneth to the copper veins of Alderley Edge, triggered one of the biggest transfers of technology the world has ever seen from the 1860s for decades to follow. 

This first great Manchester-Japan Meeting of minds will now be celebrated in a groundbreaking exhibition, 'Godai - Mancunian Overtures and the Japanese Industrial Connection', which runs from 19th February to 31st March 2016. 

The exhibition, in the highline Mezzanine Gallery at the Royal Exchange Theatre, brings together a unique display of original material from sources in Manchester and Japan and highlights how the original Northern Powerhouse went East.

Places of Industrial Interest in Manchester

The Pumphouse Peoples History Museum

The Museum of Science and Industry


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