Thursday, 12 November 2015

  • November 12, 2015
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I'm sure my Grandfather, Uncle Vic, Uncle Jack and the rest, wont mind taking a back seat this year, to pay tribute to Uncle Ron Fisher (pictured at the end next to Auntie Jean), whose merchant ship, the Empire Gilbert was torpedoed and lost in World War Two. 

Uncle Ron, was the son of Thomas and Maud (Mam) Fisher and until their deaths, were frequently visited by Ron's widow Jenny, her sister, brothers and her nephews and nieces. 

Uncle Ron's wife Jenny was known to the family as Jean, for there were two Jenny's in the family and until her own death in the late 1990's, only ever referred to Uncle Ron as being "My Ron". 

For anyone who visits London, Uncle Ron can be found at the Tower Hill Memorial, where you are more than welcome to go and say hello to him, place a poppy down in honour of memory, or even just to let him, and his colleagues know, that you are still thinking of them. 

Despite their only being two photographs of him remaining in this world, including this one at my Grandparents wedding, taken shortly before his death, just knowing your own family history, can often be the most powerful weapon, you will ever need in this world.


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