Thursday, 6 August 2015

  • August 06, 2015
  • Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)
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According to reports, ‪‎Daesh‬ has killed in its first year of ‘Khilafa’ 2,345 ‪Sunni‬ ‪‎Muslims‬: 800 from al She’itat tribe, 583 from al Bunimr tribe, 300 from al BuFarraj al BuGhanim and al Bu’eitha tribes, 207 from al Karabla al Salman and al Bumahal tribes, 134 from al Jibbour tribe, 89 from al Obeid tribe, 72 from al Izza tribe, 64 from al Jesat tribe, 47 from al Buhishma tribe, 35 from al BuFahad tribe, and 14 from al Bu’eisa tribe.

As the ‪UN‬ have stated, due to it's inability to access area's under the control of the ‪Islamic State‬, all numbers should be treated as a minimum, with estimates being understood to be much higher. Such accounts as these are based on the number of the dead who are brought in, or are independently verified.


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