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  • January 31, 2015
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What planet, or substance, was the Green Party’s Natalie Bennett on, when she decided to make the announcement, that if the Green’s were to ever gain a majority in Parliament, they would make it legal to be a member of the Islamic State or Al-Qaeda in Britain. 

Apparently, in an effort not to offend those who want everybody dead, Ms. Bennett stated that people shouldn't be criminalised for what they “believe” and was then too generous in her simplicity, to say the Greens would prosecute members of the terrorist organisations, if they went out to cause harm. 

Clearly, Ms. Bennett has spent too long finding excuses to ignore the plight of her native Australian aborigines, that to garner a few extra votes for the upcoming UK General Election, the Green Party are looking to capitalise on the marginalisation of British Islamic State and Al-Qaeda affiliates, who up-to now, have only Brighton's Caroline Lucas MP to represent them.

It’s somewhat sad, if not pathetic, that Natalie Bennett is the leader of a party, which apparently boasts a membership of 50.000 members, and in their efforts to be ethical appear incapable of reading newspapers, watching television or something as basic as a Google search, if only to get a list of the documented crimes of the Islamic State. 

Unfortunately, the Green Party may find the ethnic cleansing of Iraqi Christians, Turkmen, Sunni and Shiite to be too extreme, to share a sentence with the word “Fracking”, while RAF aid drops to the Yazidi’s on Mount Sinjar, might just upset the Green Party apple cart, with Ms. Bennett having to explain, that race relations do exist outside of common Australian phrases like “Abo” and “Slope”. 

But I can understand why the Green Party leader would demonstrate confusion over the actions of the Islamic State, as last summer, when thousands were being driven from their homes inside of Iraq, Natalie Bennett’s party members in Manchester, were busy protesting against the Israeli Government, alongside people carrying placards of Adolf Hitler, with some protesters even waving the ISIS flag. 

Even more confusing, if not duplicitous, is the contradiction between the Green Party leaders national policy message, and her own party members, where the likes of gay rights campaigner and fellow Australian Peter Tatchell, has joined Kurdish protesters in London, calling for the victory of Kurdish forces in Kobani, and then you have the Green Party’s active presence in the left wing Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign. 

While many have rightly condemned the politics of Natalie Bennett and the Green Party, for their policies on ISIS and Al-Qaeda, it’s clear that as a party, they still have a long way to go, if they are to develop the maturity, which can be trusted with Government but the current Green Party outlook, as illustrated by the burning of Mosul’s libraries by Islamic State, would mean Britain would ironically be safer, under a government of Genghis Khan and the Mongols.


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