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  • June 05, 2014
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Generation Diary is being launched on 12th June, to mark Anne Frank's 85th birthday, and to celebrate the legacy of Anne Frank's Diary, the Anne Frank Trust UK are running a year long campaign to create the worlds biggest on-line diary, by inviting young people from across the UK to write, upload video or record audio entries, which will then be displayed on the website

As you maybe aware, the Anne Frank Trust work in a multiple of schools across Greater Manchester and #GenerationDiary will present our city's young people, with a unique modern voice to a global audience and whose contributions to Generation Diary, will place them as young international ambassadors for Manchester. 

The launch of Generation Diary, will also coincide with existing work being carried out in Manchester, where the AFT work with young people in schools, on exhibitions such as the Anne Frank +You and Anne Frank: A History for Today, along with training Manchester's young people in school based peer support through the Anne Frank Ambassadors programme. 

I feel that Generation Diary would be a really worthwhile project for all parents and teachers to support, and I'm positive the Anne Frank Trust would also be delighted to speak with you about your involvement in Generation Diary, and the work of the Anne Frank Trust. 

If you would like further background information on the Trust, then please do not hesitate to check out their website or give the head office a call on 0207 284 5858, to speak with someone about the support that you could give to Generation Diary.


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