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  • June 05, 2014
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It’s great to report that on the 12th June, two specialist Military charities Combat Stress and Blind Veteran’s UK, will be sparking together in Manchester, for the City Council’s annual Carer’s Day event at the Manchester Town Hall. 

Each year, Manchester City Council host a massive Carer’s Day event, which brings together all the services available to our city’s unpaid home carer’s and it’s fantastic that 2014 will also mark the fifth year of participation, by the mental health charity Combat Stress. 

It’s also a great pleasure, that at this years event, Combat Stress will be joined by Blind Veteran’s UK, which was founded in 1915 and until recently was known as St Dunstan’s. 

Blind Veteran’s is a sister charity to Combat Stress, which was founded in 1919 but while Combat Stress has a main focus with Veteran mental health care, for Blind Veteran’s UK, their perspective is based around support and assistance to those with visual impairment and blindness. 

Both charities provide a unique and life changing service, to thousands of families across the United Kingdom and it’s really exciting to know, that both organisations will be joining the likes of Marie Curie, Macmillan, Carers UK and the Stroke Association, to show our support to those, who provide long term care in the home. 

If you are interested in learning more about either charity, or would like to show them your support, do check out their websites and, which provide current news, along with the option of giving a secure donation.


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