Tuesday, 22 April 2014

  • April 22, 2014
  • Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)
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As it has been revealed, that over one thousand people are dying per month in Iraq, as a result of Foreign Jihadists exploiting the borders with neighbouring Syria, it is felt that a closer examination of British Jihadist involvement needs to be sought. 

According to the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, 17.9% of those fighting against Assad in Syria, and now going into Iraq, are in-fact UK citizens, with the Foreign and Home Office issuing repeated warnings, against UK citizens involving themselves in either Iraqi or Syrian affairs. 

Since the start of the conflict in Syria and Iraq, the British people have been made aware of the involvement of British Jihadists, through announcements of their demise, on both social networks or in the mainstream media. 

Sadly, never included in these announcements, or informed on by the British media, are details of either their activities, or the crimes committed by these UK citizens while illegally present in Iraq and Syria. 

As some British Jihadists have been arrested upon their return from the Middle East, to the United Kingdom, it is disappointing to see the only charges which have been brought against them, include the Prevention of Terrorism. 

With the nature of their actions in both Iraq and Syria, charges brought under the Prevention of Terrorism legislation are completely insufficient and greatly undermines Britain's long held beliefs of upholding both human rights and international law. 

It is felt, that UK citizens found fighting in Iraq and Syria, should also face charges relating to their crimes against both the Syrian and Iraqi people, and also face the charge of Crimes Against Humanity. 

After World War Two, German officials of the NAZI Party were charged and tried for both crimes and direct involvement, in actions relating to the organisation and participation of genocidal acts, carried out in the Concentration Camps of NAZI occupied Europe. 

It is felt that Britain's current approach, is being viewed as appeasement of UK Jihadist War Criminals and the lack of accountability is both an insult to the victims of their atrocities and further undermines Britain's claims to upholding the principles laid down at the Nuremberg Trials. 

The people of Britain, need to be made fully aware of the grotesque and barbaric acts which are being carried out by their fellow countrymen, and a British passport cannot be allowed to be the safeguard for immunity, to those organising or participating in war crimes, against the people of Iraq and Syria. 

At the Nuremberg Trials, ignorance and claims to only be following orders, were no defence for those wanting to diminish their responsibility in the Holocaust, and ignorance to the current war crimes of Britain's Jihadists, is as inexcusable today, as NAZI crimes were to the people of Germany.


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