Saturday, 4 January 2014

Comment: Media Parroted Rigby Killers

I read with interest the front-page article over the weekend (M Star December 28/29), - Attacks on Muslims soar to make 2013 year of hate – and felt the report on hate crime needed some further comment. 

Since the murder of Lee Rigby occurred in Woolwich, the media focus has to an astonishing extent played up the claims of Rigby’s British killers – that the crime was in retaliation for Britain’s foreign policies in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

The statements by Rigby’s killers were immediately seized upon, and consequently the media failed to adequately address the incredibly violent backgrounds of the two men involved, along with their long history of substance abuse. 

There was a thoroughly lazy approach within the media as they failed to challenge the Killers’ claims. Organisations like the BBC gave a platform to Pakistani fundamentalist Anjem Choudary while completely ignoring Britain’s massive Iraqi community. 

It’s worth noting that Rigby’s home city of Manchester, is home to an estimated 18.000 Iraqi people and Manchester has one of the highest recruitment rates to the British military. At no point since 2003 has there ever been a Woolwich-style attack in Manchester. 

As a final point of clarity it’s worth establishing another fact. Those who share the same religious leanings as Lee Rigby’s killers have also murdered over 6.000 Iraqi people this past year through their acts of continued terrorism. 

Media Parroted Rigby Killers by Hussein Al-alak was first published by the British daily Morning Star newspaper on 3/1/2014.


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