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  • November 26, 2013
  • Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)
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We have been following the recent debates in relation to the invitation extended to Mother Agnes, to a conference of the Stop the War Coalition. 

It has caused a degree of alarm, among many in Britain’s Iraqi and Syrian community, to see that the STWC has since revoked the invitation as a direct consequence of allegations regarding Mother Agnes’s work in Syria. 

Having examined the allegations closely, Syrian and Iraqi sources abroad have conducted investigations into Mother Agnes’s work, and the following information has been obtained. 

Mother Agnes is viewed by many in the Free Syrian Army, as a humanitarian aid worker who has walked a fine line in the Syrian conflict and is viewed as being an aid worker rather than a politician, with many leading members of the FSA holding her work in high regard. 

Mother Agnes has also been noted for her lack of sectarianism towards either the regime of Assad or rebel forces, but has always insisted, when negotiating with either government or opposition forces, that they be native-born Syrian forces and not outside elements, which have entered the country as a result of the conflict.  
According to rebel sources inside Syria, Mother Agnes is not viewed as being an agent of the Syrian regime, but it is felt the allegations made against her derive from spurious claims by foreign-backed Jihadists, who have a history of attacking both religious minorities and opposition forces. 

Large elements of the Syrian rebel movement, would have welcomed the opportunity for Mother Agnes to speak at the anti-war conference in London, which they would have viewed as helping to highlight the current humanitarian crisis that is now facing the Syrian people. 

The removal of Mother Agnes has also led to the view being expressed, among the Iraqi and Syrian community, that the STWC is sectarian and obsessed with promoting violence in the Middle East. 

It has reinforced the view, that the STWC is out of touch with the reality of the Middle East and is felt to be more concerned with the careers of British politicians and journalists. 

Those actively involved with the rebel movement in Syria, have described the removal of Mother Agnes as a provocative act of British religious intolerance towards Middle Eastern Christians. 

The overall consensus is felt, that Stop the War Coalition has done nothing substantial, or of meaning for the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Syria.


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