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  • April 13, 2013
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Since the beginning of the year, many people have been discussing the events surrounding the tenth anniversary of Iraq and examining the various impacts which have arisen since 2003. 

In debates with friends, I discovered with the resurgence of interest on Iraq, that what was lacking in all the talk, was a clear examination of the psychological impact, that ten years of war has had on the minds of Iraqi children. 

It was found in January, that the Manchester Evening News and Morning Star newspapers shared the concern, that the prolonged exposure to violence was leaving Iraqi children vulnerable to physical and emotional exploitation. 

This was further addressed in February, with the publication of my article “Iraq Ten Years On: What You Don’t Hear”, which was first published by the Palestine Chronicle and went on to be printed by over thirty respected publications across the world. 

It was also great that personalities, such as celebrated author Ramzy Baroud, showed their support to the issue, by taking the facts from Iraq Ten Years On, to encourage their audiences to help the 4.5 million Iraqi children, who have been orphaned by war. 

In March, the majority of the media was gridlocked with debates on 2003 but the BBC invited me on, to discuss the situation in pre & post war Iraq, which naturally brought in the current mental health crisis, that has forced the Iraqi Government to now invest millions of dollars into psychiatric services. 

As there is no immediate cure for the trauma being experienced by Iraqi children, I feel the more attention that is given, can force Governments to make trauma focused mental health care the priority on the agenda but until that time comes, I hope you will join me and those of us who care for this issue.


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