Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Bergen Belsen April 1945

This week marks a poignant time as it is 68 years since the liberation of the Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp by the British Army during World War Two. 

For myself, it has added meaning for two reason because my grandfather was among the British soldiers who first went into the camp and also because it was where Anne Frank and her sister Margot perished. 

To remember the liberation of Bergen Belsen, I feel it is important to recognise two perspectives, one being that of people like Anne Frank and her sister and the other is those who liberated the camp and the horrors they discovered. 

Some resources which people might find of use for this time, include the Anne Frank Trust UK, the educational charity which works to preserve the memory of Anne but also a testimony from a former British soldier who was at the liberation. 

Other resources of use, include the document Surviving survival: nursing care at Bergen Belsen 1945, which explores the little known contributions of nursing care upon liberation and the photo essay At the Gates of Hell: The Liberation of Bergen Belsen.


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