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  • January 13, 2013
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I found America ’s recent warning, that the “special relationship” with Britain could be compromised by the absence of a clear European policy, to be an indication that the US is telling Britain, to abandon its Saudi Arabian approach to Government and to recognise the shifting balance of power, towards both Germany and Russia . 

While many have actively opposed the bailout of the Euro Zone, Germany and Russia have secured their long term positions as being the heart of the European Union, with the massive bailouts they have made, to keep other member states afloat. 

With the combined efforts of German industry and Eastern European resources, along with having good ties with Russia’s old rival China, and growing industries in Latin America, the American desire to have a “strong British voice”, could potentially find itself in a position, where the UK is singing in a choir of its own. 

Only last year David Cameron was warned, that in Europe “they might speak English but the thinking is now German” and that Britain was in danger of becoming the European “backwater”. The obvious lack of direction in Britain, has lead to a situation where rather than climbing out of the hole, the Government’s plan is to dig itself in deeper. 

Being economically weaker through cuts and having no substantial industry to compete with, the UK is not in a position where even a skill based workforce could be a source of intervention, as the increase in tuition fee’s has resulted in a decline of foreign students, who can obtain their qualifications in Europe, for half the cost and at universities where their language is also accommodated. 

As the US/UK “special relationship” is mostly a strategic, political and economic bond, the United States is also having to compete with the ferocity of China’s rapid development. While the British Government may have responded “positively” to America’s call, they also know there is no place for hesitation, among those with special relationships.


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