Friday, 18 May 2012

So the saga related to the continued presence of Abu Qatada goes on but it comes as no surprise that the United Kingdom, in all its glory, should play host to such a vile specimen. 

After all, the reasons that supposedly motivated the invasion of Afghanistan, as in the “war against terrorism”, with this also being a motivation for going into Iraq, are somewhat bewildering in light of the facts, that Mr Qatada is currently in London and British troops continue to be sent to Kabul. 

I also find it strange, that so much effort is being made in protecting “Bin Ladens right hand man”, yet so little is said about the men, women and children who Al-Qaeda have brutally killed but in an effort to not offend those, who have not visited either country, the good old saying; “out of sight, out of mind” seems to be applicable in this case. 

The ongoing excuse that Abu Qatada is also in fear of his life, if returned to Jordan, is one that sparks much humour, seeing as though the kingdom is currently hosting countless thousands of Iraqi and now Syrian refugee’s, who oddly enough have fled from torture, rape, ethnic and religious persecution but lets not all rush out to help, the truth might just upset some people’s sensibilities. 

The left-wing Morning Star newspaper even reported how generous Mr. Qatada was, by doing a message which called for the release of kidnap victim Norman Kember, who along with others was held hostage in Iraq. How unique the perspectives of some are, when one of the people who actually did get Norman Kember released, had their home, family and work place continuously attacked by Al-Qaeda, while Abu Qatada was doing his home movie in the Full Sutton Prison, here in the UK. 

But why should concern be raised for the victims of terrorism and those who are actually confronting it, when Abu Qatada can continue living his life of grandeur at the expense of the people. In this time of recession and varying cuts, Theresa May MP and the Houses of Commons can pretend to be against terrorism, after all, its far cheaper and less of an inconvenience to keep Abu Qatada, than it is in making an effort, to support those who Al-Qaeda have actually hurt.

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