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  • February 23, 2012
  • Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)
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The Obama administration has caused a backlog of cases, relating to the resettlement of Iraqi refugees, who after the 2003 invasion worked for the US military as translators, embassy staff and intelligence operators. The reasons for this hold-up, is seemingly because of the infiltration by Al-Qaeda, who apparently have managed to gain access to America through the Asylum system.

Up-to now, the US has released the details of two Al-Qaeda agents, who had been granted asylum on humanitarian grounds but whilst in Iraq, had no dealings with the US military, unlike the estimated 18.000 Iraqi’s currently residing in the United States, having been granted special status for their military roles.

Obama and his government have held several inter-agency meetings on this issue and apparently are trying to come up with a solution, which balances the interests of national security, along with its obligation to assist those Iraqi’s, who are still waiting to be resettled because they can no longer live in their own country.

Kirk Johnson, who heads the Iraq List Project, has said he now tells Iraqi’s seeking resettlement not to count on America; "Unfortunately, there is no incentive for the administration to act more swiftly on this.” According to Johnson, for the US Government, "The urgency is lost."

The urgency that Johnson is describing is one that a fool would ignore. It should be a greater concern among the populations of both Britain and America, along with agencies who operated inside of Iraq. The reason I say this, is because of the list of threats and attacks being directed against those, who until the SOFA agreement expired on New Year’s Eve, had worked for over eight years in positions, which had direct contact with various aspects of the military machine.

Most disturbing are the details which the List Project has compiled, where organisations such as Al-Qaeda in Iraq and the Iranian backed Mehdi Army, have actively hunted down those who worked for the occupying forces and while the US State Department have stated, they have “a responsibility for keeping America safe”, one should be asking how safe is America or her allies, if their interpreters, advisers to their troops and diplomats, are falling into the hands of their most hated enemies?

Read End Game in Iraq by the List Project


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