Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Further to the letter by Gary Cahill "I shudder at Green's vision of the estates" (Morning Star January 4).

I wish to remind my much respected fellow council estate dweller that we don't need a workers' revolution, as global events will simply be changed by purchasing jars of fair trade coffee.

After all, if enough nine-to-five workers buy enough ethical products, then capitalism will gradually be squeezed off the face of the planet.

Those militants whose understanding of socialism ends at the bottom of a Bolly bottle purchased from their minimum wage-paying branch of the Co-operative can then theorise about whether the Soviet Union was a degenerated workers' state, or if Britain under Labour was a workers' state run by degenerates.

You see what is great about dismissing the "hardly potential revolutionary forces" on the "ghettoised council estates" is that it simply means you don't have to bother doing very much.

After all, why waste time on futile campaigns relating to pensioner poverty, childhood illiteracy, malnutrition, long-term unemployment and high rates of suicide, when politics can be made so much more sexy by smashing up London, with Marxism being made more "popular" by having everyone located in the same cafe bar.

I must admit though, a glass of wine in a trendy part of town is a lot safer than a cold boxing gym with a bunch of scallies in it, as was proven when Phil Piratin wrote his book Our Flag Stays Chardonnay ... or was it Red?


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